Two Additional Years

By Emma Pearson

June 12, 2024

Image by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

8 December 2022

Today I have lived two full years longer than Mike lived.

He never quite made 20,000 days, and I am now well over that milestone.

I have been lucky to have…

  • 730 additional days
  • 17,520 additional hours
  • 10,512,000 additional minutes
  • 63,072,000 additional seconds

…as compared with what Mike had.

The numbers look ridiculous.


And as I type, more seconds and minutes pass.

So what will I do with this “one wild and precious day”?

Be grateful.

Remember Mike.
Keep loving him.
Keep honouring him.
Keep missing him.

Like every, single, other day.

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