Three-Way Pact

By Emma Pearson

July 16, 2024

Image by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

23 July 2021

What does someone, who wants to believe in the spirit world, and believe that we are souls having a human experience, do, when she has a “meh” experience with someone claiming to connect with spirits of loved ones who have died? She finds another spirit whisperer. There are good ones out there. And perhaps even the good ones have off-days.

Thanks to the fact that I wrote about my “meh” experience, someone reading my blog suggested I connect with a medium who lives locally, which I did. And I visited her just a couple of days ago.

And what a different experience it was. So many things made me feel it was the real deal. That she was the real deal. (And for anyone local, she’s worth a visit face-to-face, in Geneva; and she also works by phone. In French, though I suspect her English is good too. She is called Marie-Laure Voyame (cool name, and it’s her real one!) and her site is

I will re-listen to the session, which I recorded, as there was much rich detail. We heard from Julia’s soul, Mike’s, Don’s and Ed’s. I came away feeling lighter, centred, healthy, whole. In a good space. The medium spoke at length about Julia, from the perspective of her soul, and I will write more about that another time once I have digested it further. It was not all easy.

From Mike’s soul though, there was so much comfort. She immediately connected with the essence of who he is/was, and seemed genuinely astounded at the amount of love between us, and still coming from him to me and from me to him. She kept on saying “Oh, wow – he loves you so much”. 

She said, “Tu étais l’amour de sa vie” (you were the love of his life). Then, “Oh – and, you have to keep on living the love you had with him with someone new”.

“Errm…I am already…”

“…Yes – I know you are, and Mike loves that. Oh – and – oh my – he and you and Medjool – it’s meant to be. It’s all been agreed. You and Mike had an agreement, a soul agreement, a pact, that you would be together. And that Mike would die. (And no – Julia’s death – that was not agreed). And that you would then have Medjool, and he would be a great love also”.

“I am very lucky, I know that, to have two great loves in my life…”

“No – it is not that you are very lucky. It is that you have so much love to give, and you must give that love. It’s not that you are lucky to have that love. You just have it. And you are surrounded by love. Surrounded. Oh my….”

“And no – you have nothing to learn from these losses. You don’t need deep grief to learn. Your role is just to pass on love. Always. To love. To give love. You don’t need the pain to learn. You have more power to pass on love because of the pain, but you don’t need the pain to pass on love. Just love”.

I asked if Mike’s soul had messages for Megan and Ben, and she connected into that and what came back was so clearly relevant for Ben and for Megan, with them at the stages they are at, with the characters they have. I just know she was channelling Mike. It’s not that she had access to things that had happened, such as situations or names. It’s that she conveyed the essence of Mike to the essence of me, and Medjool, and Megan and Ben. She conveyed the essence of Julia, and Don and Edward.

I am sure she is the real deal.

It was beautiful.

And soothing.

And hard.

And healing.

I will visit her again.

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