Re-Re, Re-Be

By Emma Pearson

May 25, 2024

Re-enter, Re-emerge, Re-cover, Re-silient, Re-be, Re-re

1st May 2021

Today is a stay-in-bed-day
I am feeling weepy
I am feeling bereft
I am missing my old life
I am missing my dead loves
I am missing my alive loves

The dog and cat were with me for a while but even they got bored and left

It’s all so iterative. Re-iterative

Constant spirals, some tight, some loose, some confident, some wobbly
Some venturing upwards. Others plummeting downwards
The only thing that is for sure, is that it’s always moving, always shifting
One way or another
Sometimes quickly. Sometimes imperceptibly
But moving nevertheless

Like breath
Like yoga moves

I am trying to discern, to articulate, what the “it” is
Even the “it” shape-shifts

Today the “it” is “Will”, or “Energy”
Other days I think the “it” is “Grief” or “Love” or “Life”
And the “it” is also myself

Over the timespan of a week, or a day, or even a few hours
I shift too
Energised yesterday
Cycling around in the sun, dropping in on friends, last weekend
To being capable of nothing more than getting coffee and going back to bed today
To be
To Re-Be

So be it.
Today I will just Re-something, and trust that it’s the right Re-thing for me

Grief work, life work, my work, is all Re-ing, of one type or another
Today is about Re-Being

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1 thought on “Re-Re, Re-Be

  1. Today is a day to just be. Be present with yourself and for yourself, be home, be with your thoughts, your loves, your memories. Just be. Love you my darling friend x

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