Moments of Marginally More Looseness

By Emma Pearson

April 17, 2024

28 September 2019

Invitation from Megan Devine in the WYG course to look for the spaces where things can just be a little looser.

“Find those tiny spaces where things loosen just a little.
Because they are useful.
And they are really important”.

Late last night I listened to the soft belly audio that Megan Devine recorded about just tending to our breath. Allowing us the option of breathing, not writing. And yet I want to write. About finding those tiny spaces. For they are useful and vitally important. They help me get through my day.

Breathing works. I don’t know if it’s the breathing that works or the stopping and just being with one thing for a minuscule miracle moment. Giving space to something that is life-giving, rather than life-destroying.

Playing or listening to music. I am lucky to be able to play music. Very lucky. Depending on the instrument I choose, it’s can be soothing, fun, tear-generating, and of course also frustrating. It’s something I can do alone, and it’s something I can do with others. Depending on what I want. And when I’m playing music I can’t talk to anyone and no-one asks annoying questions. It’s a safe space, free from interruptions. Space to be.

Writing. Slowing down. Exploring. Reflecting. Dissecting an incident. Uncovering my truth. Voicing it.

Cooking. Making things with my hands. Creating sustenance. Flavours and textures. Life-giving.


Turning to feel the sun on my face and allowing the wind to play with my hair.

Long full-bodied front crawl in the pool – or better – open water.

The list feels to be short, but it’s enough, and it’s reliable.  

Those are tiny spaces where things loosen just a little.

In my body, in my head, in my limbs, in my heart.

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