Month: <span>July 2019</span>


July 16, 2024 No Comments

27th July 2019 So many absurdities about today. About this day, about this date. This date this year, and this date in recent years. Today is Mike’s birthday. He would be 56. Except he’s not because he’s forever 53. Mike is not here. Julia is not here. The incredulousness of those two absurdities is too […]

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Wandering and Wondering

July 16, 2024 5 Comments

23 July 2019 Tomorrow morning, before dawn, which is very early in these parts at this time of year, “my two older kids and I” head off on holiday. To the Dominican Republic. The mix of emotions couldn’t be greater. Julia chose our destination. She was insistent on NOT having a European holiday despite my […]

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July 16, 2024 3 Comments

19th July 2019 Image by Sarah Treanor ( I write _1 because I sense there will be a whole series of Absurdities posts. Everything is absurd right now. I just got curious about the etymology of the word – apparently two main roots – “absurdus” meaning “out of tune” or “discordant”, and “surdus” meaning “deaf” […]

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So how do I, Emma, now carry on?

July 16, 2024 11 Comments

written for Julia’s funeral on 15th July 2019, posted on 18th July I have had four too-close deaths in the past few years. My dear friend Don, a best male friend of 30 years who died in September 2015 My youngest brother Edward, who died in January 2016. His daughters Isabelle & Nina are here […]

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Fearful, Fear-full, Full of Fear

July 16, 2024 4 Comments

written on 20 June 2019, posted on 17 July Image Courtesy of Sarah Treanor I haven’t written for what feels like ages. I’ve missed it. And that’s because there are two enormous pieces of my life – even three – that I feel are taboo – certainly in terms of the internet and my […]

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